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Hi, I'm Sage

   I'm a Phoenix native with 2 of the best boys a mom could ask for as well as 1 very sweet but very shy rescue dog.  When I'm not doing wedding photography, I am either painting in my studio or traveling with my boys. 
   I have been a wedding photographer here in Arizona for roughly 12 years now.  As an Arizona wedding photographer and native, I have a great deal of experience shooting in strong light, something that many wedding photographers will admit can be quite challenging.  I would say my style in general is a bit more colorful than what's popular today.  I like to retain the authenticity of the moment by not removing or overly altering the color hues. I also use my own secret technique to enhance the mood of the moments with light. 
  ​Before each wedding, I like to take the time to get to know you and your future Mr. or Mrs. as individuals with your own story, your own vision and your own style preferences.  From this, I work to capture your uniqueness as a couple with your own special story. 
As a full time Arizona wedding photographer, I am dedicated to providing you with the wedding photos that
you will love for all the years to come. 

   These are the times of our lives.  Get lost in your love, get lost in your photos!
 Thank you for visiting my website!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

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